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We make each day better
for healthcare providers and small businesses by taking care of their operations 

We're like your very own team of office assistants in your back pocket - ready to turn any "to-do" into a "done!"

Tired of spending your days doing all of the things that you don't have time (or the proper skills) to do?


We get it.

Whether you're running a medical office or small business, serving patients and clients, there are too many tasks to cross of of your never-ending daily, weekly and monthly laundry lists. Endless work that needs done, but not enough hours in the day, especially when you are wearing all of the hats (office manager, medical billing coordinator, answering service, accountant, social media scheduler and more) and running around nonstop. Sound familiar?


(Been there, DO NOT want to do that again!) 


The good news? You've come to the right place.


Virtual Strategies Assistants (led by CEO + Founder, Tara Hernandez) helps you to get time back in your day by taking care of the countless to-dos, which allows you to feel less-stressed and focus on the most important parts of your business that need you.


Do you enjoy responding to customer service emails? Answering phone calls? Scheduling appointments? Fighting with medical billing? Overseeing projects? Not many do.


However, when you hire a virtual assistant (or in our case, a highly-qualifed team of them!) you'll be able to delegate tasks that you not only don't have the time to complete each day, but that you might also not be as proficient or knowledgable with, either. If you're tired of trying to find the time to not only get it all done, but also figure out HOW to even do it, let us help. We'll take it ALL off of your plate!

We take care of the lists, sure, but we actually care about how YOU are doing each day, too.


Virtual Strategies Assistants is not just another random vendor that you work with. We take the time to get to know you and we strive to be a dependable "go-to" partner and extension of your team. We want your office or business to run efficiently, just as much as you do!

Here are a few ways that we can make your day run easier:

Healthcare Office Assistant

We offer several services beneficial to a busy doctor's office. Medical billing, scheduling, prior authorization and insurance verification are just a few of the services our healthcare clients use. We are HIPAA trained and compliant to boot!


Social Media Management

Tweets, likes, follows, notifications, shares, comments, posts, etc. Does this sound a little overwhelming? Let us help you engage with your audience. We can connect with your potential clients while you work on the more important stuff. 


Office Management

Our assistants are trained  and ready to help your office continue in its success. Email management and filing, calendar management, scheduling and phone answering are some of the most popular services we offer in this category. 

Did we mention that we can also help with these?

Phone Answering


Insurance Verification

Medical Billing

EHR Management


Practice Management


Consulting Services

Data Entry

Light Bookkeeping

Email Management

Calendar Management


Project Management
Travel Support

Social Media Management 

CRM Management

And More! 


Tara is our practice administrator, and I highly recommend her!  She has supported our clinic tremendously by taking care of all of our administrative duties which, in turn, gives me more time to devote to patient care!  She is a kind and caring person, and she always treats our patients with respect.  She is truly an integral part of our team! I cannot recommend her enough!

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I have had the pleasure of working with Tara since December 2017, when she filled the role of my virtual administrative assistant to my own VA company when I began my maternity leave. Not only is she an excellent administrative assistant, who provides valuable feedback, solutions, and ideas, but she is a hard worker, learns and adapts quickly, and has a sweet personality that makes her pleasant and easy to work with. She has worked with me using a variety of tools and software to invoice clients, manage contracts, assist in managing my team, foster communication, and promote my services. An absolute joy to work with!

Amber M.

Ready to get started?

It's time to get more time back in your day. Leave some of the hard work to us!

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