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Healthcare Office Assistant

We offer several services beneficial to a busy doctor's office. Medical billing, scheduling, prior authorization, and insurance verification are just a few of the services our healthcare clients use. We are HIPAA trained and compliant. 


Social Media Management

Tweets, likes, follows, notifications, shares, comments, posts, etc. Does this sound a little overwhelming? Let us help you engage with your audience. We can connect with your potential clients while you work on the more important stuff. 


Office Management

Our assistants are trained  and ready to help your office continue in its success. Email management and filing, calendar management, scheduling, and phone answering are some of the more popular services we offer in this category. 

Ready to hand off these other tasks, too?

Phone Answering


Insurance Verification

Medical Billing

EHR Management


Practice Management


Consulting Services

Data Entry

Light Bookkeeping

Email Management

Calendar Management


Project Management

Travel Support

Social Media Management 

CRM Management

And More! 


Tara Hernandez has proven to be a wonderful addition to our practice. By assisting with appointment scheduling, she has significantly reduced administrative tasks, allowing for enhanced efficiency. Tara easily adapted to our EHR and processes, enabling a smooth integration with existing systems that has exceeded our expectations. Patients can easily connect with someone for any questions they may have, fostering a more personalized and supportive experience. She has not only improved our efficiency, but also enhanced patient communication and satisfaction.

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